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Twelve (12) teams play in four pools.  Teams play across pools- that is, A vs B and C vs D.  Pools A and B will be combined to create Division AB and Pools C and D will be combined to create Division CD.  Top four (4) teams in each combined division advance to playoff.   

Quarter finals:           1st AB     4th CD               1st CD    4th AB

                                    2nd AB    3th CD              2nd CD   3rd AB 

Pool play and quarter-final games to be three, 13 minute stop-time periods with resurfacing after two periods- that is, in the 1st game, the flood will be between the 2nd and 3rd period and the second game between the 1st and 2nd period- and so on.  Semi final games will be (3) 13-minute periods with a flood after the second period and at the end of each game.  Final game will be three (3) 15-minute stop time periods with a flood after two period.  Ties in pool play stand.  Winners in playoff round are determined by sudden victory play, if overtime is required. 


1Convenor may discipline players and/or team officials for inappropriate conduct. 

2. Should ties develop in attempting to rank teams at the end of round- robin play, the following formats will be used to break ties: 

a.  If two teams are tied, the higher-placed team will be decided by the following steps until the tie is broken:

i.  team with more wins;

ii. the winner of the game between the tied teams;

iii. The higher ratio from:     goals for

                               goals for + goals against 

               Note:  a maximum of nine goals (9) per game will be counted as “goals for” or “goals against”.

iv.   Least goals against.

v.    Fewest penalty minutes.

vi.   The first goal scored in the game between the tied teams.

vii.  Coin Toss.

b. If three teams are tied in points, the higher-placed team shall be decided by steps i.,ii.,iii.,iv.,v.,vi of “a”.  If a coin flip is necessary, the odd man out shall be ranked lowest.

c. For tied games in the playoff rounds the following will be played:

i. A five-minute, sudden-death, stop-time period.

ii. If after five minutes of sudden death, a tie still exists, ten minute sudden death periodwith 3 skaters vs 3 skaters (plus a goalie) until a goal is scored

d. The team with the best tournament record will be home in the final game.

e. In the championship final, play will be sudden-death until a winner is determined in 10-minute, stop-time periods with a flood after two periods 

3.  O.F.S.A.A rules for hockey will be used including:

aall players must wear regulation helmets, face-masks and mouth guards

b. fighting, two (2) misconducts, a gross misconduct or a match penalty will result in automatic  suspensions from the tournament;

c. the referee’s decision is final.  There will be no protests.

d. Coincidental minors play five skaters;

e. In a short-handed situation, the player returning to the ice is eligible to be in the play without returning to the defensive zone. 

4. Goal Spread Rule:   Should one (1) team lead by at least seven (7) goals after the second period, or during the third period, the remainder of the game will be played in straight time.  If the spread is reduced to six (6), the game will revert to stop-time.

5. Time Violations at Beginning of Game:  should a team not have five (5) skaters and a  goaltender on the ice at the designated game starting time, the clock will be started.  If after five (5) minutes the offending team still is not on the ice, the non-offending team will be awarded one (1) goal per minute of delay from the point that the clock starts-  that is, after 5 minutes, one goal, after 6 minutes another goal etc.

6. Misconduct Rules:  Any player, coach or team official who received a game misconduct penalty shall be suspended from the team’s next tournament game.

Exception:  2-minute checking from behind game misconduct only ejects the player from that game and does not suspend the player from the next tournament game. All suspensions will be reported to the team’s league convenor and principal.

7. Warm Up:  Three (3) minutes prior to the game.  Immediately following the warm up, the game will begin.

8. Sweater Colours:  Home team will wear white and visitors will wear dark, if possible.  If there is a conflict in colours, the convenor will determine which team will change sweaters.

9. Time Outs:  Each team will have one thirty (30) second time out per game.

10. Forfeit Rule:  In the event of a team forfeiture, all pool play results against that team will be eliminated from the calculations for advancement to the playoff round.